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Point and Shoot Series

When it comes to very good reasons why my personal writing isn’t getting done, my list is long and awesome. The one thing it isn’t – is unique.

  • “My family takes up a lot of my time and energy…”
  • “I’m working way too many hours…”
  • “Too many other things are more important…”
  • “I just can’t get this first chapter right…”
  • Fill In The Blanks

Now, unlike some, I make my living by writing and editing. I’m at it six days a week most of the time. I speak to groups about writing and editing. I attend conferences and monthly programs. I’m blessed to be spend many of my waking hours working with the words I so love and am intrigued by. But, the one thing I leave off my work schedule is WORK ON BOOK 2.

And, because I had the honor, many years ago, of chatting with Nora Roberts…

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The art of seeing things unseen, that’s what an artist has. That’s what an artist does. I see. I will be strong enough to look. I’ll look straight into you and pull it out piece by piece. On the norm (whatever that is these days) I draw, do or help with body art, laying some ink, sculpt. However, sometimes I channel… through writing. Inspiration puts logic to me somehow, it helps to complete me. I could write a book with what I have seen and so could every one of my children. So I think we will start here.

Writer’s Dilemma

Words Count

Go Write

Of late, I’ve received several query emails from men and women who have done that climb-Mount-Everest-type accomplishment of completing their first book. And, they have asked me a question that takes great courage to ask a complete stranger: “Do you think this book has any value?”

Even before I read their 10-page submission, I can give them the answer. It is the same answer I give every writer, including myself. The writing we do ALWAYS has value.

Many of us write because we can’t help it. Something resides within us, more persistant than heartburn, and we have no peace until we give it release. It might take the form of a poem, or an essay, or an article for the local newspaper – or it might turn into a book.

Like musicians and artists of other mediums, writers are artists, too. We’re given a desire and gift by our creator…

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