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The Contaminated Well series is a road map of one woman’s journey into–and back out of–the darkness of abuse, self-loathing and drug dependency. She calls herself an “ex-junky” and I think of her as a child–a woman–who experienced things no one should have to experience. I know she is one of hundreds of thousands–and so does she. She is me—and you—and our daughters.

And that’s why she felt compelled to follow the urging of the few people in her life she trusted and sat down to write these books. She knows firsthand that there are worse things in life than death.

While any earnest writer will tell you it takes great courage (and not a little bit of insanity) to commit their words to paper because it leaves them vulnerable, Opal Alexandria’s courage comes from her commitment to serve others and save herself. To offer hope to those who are sure there is none; to offer her experiences up on a silver platter for others to read, and judge and digest so that perhaps something she has written will bring someone back off the edge of disaster, or keep them from making that wrong turn in the first place. To choose life and joy over pain and death.

Opal is a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother and wife. She’s a friend and an activist. When she cuts, she bleeds. When she cries, her tears are salty and plentiful. And when she discovered the power of her words, she was set free.

Her words are raw, sometimes harsh, and always heartfelt. I have edited them with a light hand, knowing that their authenticity is their power.

I wish you the courage not to shrink from raw and harsh words so you can embrace this journey along the narrow road on a very high cliff above a deep abyss. She means to get your attention, not to offend you. Sort of like an innocent man who carried a heavy cross along a poorly graded road so he could be nailed to a tree.

Raw, undeserved, yet served up in hopes of saving us from ourselves.

Nancy Quatrano

Author of Murder in Black and White and co-author of The Method Writers

The Contaminated Well

I’ve worked on The Contaminated Well for what seems like forever. Publishing deadlines have come and gone. Around March, when I thought she was done, I decided that there was way too much book and I went back to the drawing board to develop a series, instead!
And I’m here to tell you –
BOOK 1 is, as of today, ONE DAY OLD!!!  She’s been successfully delivered, healthy and whole and ready for readers!!! I’m a very proud mama! You can buy your very own copy today, by clicking here: THE CONTAMINATED WELL.
(The Kindle version should be up and available by Wednesday of next week)
Thanks so much for travelling this road with me and I hope you’ll continue on. Your faith, encouragement and wonderful emails and comments have provided support for me. And don’t forget to let me know your thoughts and comments when you read it, okay?