TWIN TOXIC; As death twitched my ear – “live” she said, “we are coming…”


Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart

– Proverb



My daughters and I are officially writing together – to give you EVERY reason to understand that YOU are still here for a reason. The three of us came from a risk life. Two of the three of us carry at all times, addiction on deck. AND we were fairly creative protecting our ability to use – and soldier or traffic – toxicity.

A somewhat bold life at that – death did not scare us, we risked it at will – our addictions demanded it and equally demanded we bring friends. We railed deaths double edge blade like we railed lines of cocaine.

So you can see, we will carry that in our written world. That’s one of my points… The ‘normal’ (vanilla) mind does not see thing exactly like we do. But is that really a problem…? I don’t think so; some call it an opportunity in disguise. Your unique working of your junkie side, now a tool in the mechanism of your sober. Let me give you a current example with my girls and I.

Five years after I stopped putting needles in my arm. I wrote two books – but writing was not enough. I looked at it like this – I had to become a trademark. It was pretty simple in my head; our dope cooks were our trade mark once for our whole family. So was our ability to traffic in and out OR all across our country. I get it. We can’t be a ‘me too’ product.

In our sober – we use ALL that. Do you know what kind of edge that gave us once we figured out how to traffic our trademark of words to pools of money…? All legal AND sober…?

Embrace that mind you have – it gives you an edge like NO OTHER! No one other than people like us have it on this planet. The question now becomes, what to do with all this knowledge. We did survive it all for a reason, right…?

My daughters and I – we paid close attention to omens and signs… Each one of us found our way into recovery from one thing or another. We prayed A LOT – worked on what was in front of us A LOT, and took it one day at a time A LOT (and that’s one day at a time, like – forever).

We decided to share our story – to stand naked and bleed on the edge of this key-board every day, until we got it right for you. We believe in you; we believe you CAN recover. We, who are in the recovery zone know – it took someone to lead the way for us. It took their war stories that paved the way out of the trenches for us. It gave us the belief we could really survive ALL that lawless, lab and status. And guess what…? We did. We make ALL that work for us on our ‘work resume’ these days.

We have some good stuff coming to you this year everyone – really excited to be part of this, evolution. It still feels surreal ya’ know… We will be hitting our pre-sell campaign this year on, The Contaminated Well: Book Two. And, LIVES IN THE BALANCE by, Paula Kiwala.

AND as I sit and type this morning – I get to whisper these words into your blog flow… the official birth of my daughters’ memoir’s took place, TWIN TOXIC; As death twitched my ear – “live” she said, “we are coming…”

Have a beautiful Monday! Love up on them babies’ wives and husbands, extended family and friends! AND as always, prayers for those still out there – still hating the disease, not the addict.


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A gentleman is simply a wolf being patient…

He is her wolf. Watching and waiting to pounce and protect what is his…

Perfect submission and perfect delight.

Visions of rapture burst on my sight.

Angles descending bring from above,

Echoes of mercy and whispers of love.


A slave to the things I think I need.

The more I fight it – the more I allow it to hang over me.

Held prisoner by my own perception of how others think I should be.

Living my lie to help myself get by and it is leading to my – demise.

Losing everything was always a blessing – I did not want to believe.

Taking away all I understood was the only way I could truly see.

My choice to live in my lie.

I cry.

-Nomad 2014