Love Changed Me

My family is more important than wealth and privilege and gold – it cannot be bought or traded or sold.

My love knows NO law, NO pity, NO fear, it dares all things and crushes down mercilessly and relentlessly ALL that stands in its path.

My love gets messy, mean, sometimes it even draws blood. It clings and gets maddening with repetitive patterns, like horrendously bad wall-paper in a room the color of, “No one wants to chill here, man…”

I argue, I fight, even stop talking to ALL of them at once. However, until the end of my days, the love is still always there – flawless, raw, and faultless.

Chosen and impeccable and absolutely, undefeated.

Because love changes people.

Love changed me.

The light waded through the trenches of darkness, slithering, and sliding, echoing me being wet throughout its mirrored and appealing, seductive surface. You see all this time I have been waiting in a state of, longing – for it to release me of the night snares, with its gone eyes and blank stares.

A familiar strange, again, you and I meeting this way – your darkened eyes alongside the coming, sunrise. It’s hard to look at you, so bright – the light you exude aches my eyes. With a step back, you raise my chin. Our eyes lock briefly before I, turn.

Will I run?

Will I fight?

Who knows – I just might.